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About Detego Health

Detego Health are experts in small business employee benefits. We are driven by a relentless pursuit of service to the customer aimed at taking the frustration out of navigating the healthcare system. We exist to become a trusted national leader in the offering and management of health benefits for small business owners and their employees.

Our Mission is Clear

Detego Health exists to take the complexity out of healthcare navigation and ensure you and your employees get the right services from the right partners at the best possible price.

making decisions about small business employee benefits
small business employee benefits

Our Values are Simple

  • We provide and receive constructive feedback. Integrity and authenticity lead us to gain a degree of trust of others.
  • We are true to ourselves and stand for what we believe. 
  • We strive to be proud of every interaction inside and outside of Detego Health.
  • We show the highest respect to everyone and anyone, irrespective of background, personality or position in the organization.
  • We appreciate and support the contributions of the individual toward the greater team mission.
  • We support the Detego Health vision and deliver it through daily work and purpose.
  • We rebound from setbacks and adversity when facing difficult situations and grow in experience  from failure.
  • We have the tenacity to succeed.
  • We progress with purpose and drive toward the mission for our company.
  • We are unafraid to challenge orthodoxy in order to unlock breakthrough thinking.
  • We are fearless in the face of the monumental challenge in healthcare
  • We exhibit the willingness to receive and give feedback, saying what needs to be said.
  • We share and embrace the vulnerabilities of the data and learn from experience.

We invest time and money wisely and marshal all resources sensibly.

Leadership Team

Small Business Employee Benefits Experts

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

Richard-W-Haldeman | small business employee benefits expert
Richard W. Haldeman

20 years as a healthcare executive and consultant, working C-Suite roles including large, complex health delivery systems. Deep health insurance industry experience.

alan-wilson | small business employee benefits expert
Alan W. Wilson
President and COO

15 years as a healthcare executive. Expertise in corporate development and strategy. IP and transactional attorney; creator of four healthcare start-ups in biotech, medtech and care coordination services.

Lukas-Krause | small business employee benefits expert
Lukas Krause
Senior Advisor

15 years as an executive, C-Suite roles in multiple verticals including large, scalable businesses. Supporting small businesses and insurance industry expertise

Cary Hall
EVP Marketing & Media Relations

25 years as an award-winning independent health benefits broker, consultant and nationally recognized expert. Creator and host of American’s Healthcare Advocate radio broadcasts, podcasts and YouTube.


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A Third Party Administrator is only as good as the platform upon which it is built. The HealthVue 360 technology platform solves the complexities of today’s payor platform systems using the Salesforce ecosystem as its foundation. World class security, API access and analytics translate to a first-rate customer experience during the claims administration and routing process that leads to happier members and a better membership experience.
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America's Healthcare Advocate

Nationally Synidicated Radio Broadcast
America’s Healthcare Advocate is a syndicated, weekly hour-long radio talk show airing on more than 216 stations across the U.S. Program content focuses on helping listeners understand the complexities of America’s healthcare industry, navigate the system and make informed choices. Host Cary Hall, is nationally recognized as an astute healthcare policy expert and advocate for promoting dialogue and education on the universally important issue that touches every American life and business – healthcare.
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