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Small Businesses Deserve Big Affordable Competitive Amazing Benefits

Small Businesses Deserve Big Benefits

We simplify navigating small business health insurance, ensuring you and your employees get the right services from the right partners at the best possible price.

For Small Businesses

A Modern Health Benefits Platform

Whether you are currently providing benefits to your employees, need a better way of managing costs, OR are looking to provide benefits to your employees as a new offering, we’ve got you covered. Detego Health is a next-gen health care platform that empowers small business owners to control and predict costs, save money and attract and retain the top talent.

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Our Goal for you

Simplified Healthcare Benefits

We simplify small business health insurance, ensuring you and your employees get the right services from the right partners at the best possible price. In doing so, we offer our clients the ability to do three things:

Control & Predict Cost

Discover tools and systems that control costs and keep premiums in check all while guiding members to great care.

Save Money

Our high-touch, cost-efficient platform offers programs that save members on deductibles and drug spends.

Acquire & Retain Talent

Attract and retain top talent with our wide range of affordable white-glove health benefits solutions.

What We Do

Claims & Benefits Plan Administration

Detego Health is a national Third Party Administrator (TPA) and level-funded plan sponsor offering self-funded and level-funded plan administration and reporting. We operate much like an independent accounting or law firm, providing “behind the scene” professional claims and benefit plan administration for our clients. Our services include:

Third Party Administration (TPA) Services

High-touch, high-value claims admin for self-insured clients as well as our own plans

The most important factor in the success of any self-insured and level funded plan is the selection of the TPA. Why is that? They are the arbiter of transparency and therefore cost control and perceived value by your employees through customer service.

Benefit Design & Management

Two parties are critical to benefits plan design - employers and employees

All of our health plans are tailored to the employer and consumer. If you are looking for plans or have a plan and want to change and design your own plan, call us. We can work with you to achieve this.

Analytics and Performance Analysis

Data is powerful, but most employers don’t have access to their claims data.

This is why all our groups have access to their data and our expertise to interpret it. Our belief in the power of data has given us insights that we can share with you whether you have your data or not.

Captive Design & Management

Back office consultant for brokers' clients and large employers who want to self-insure

Detego Health has the experience and relationships to become the back office consultant for brokers who have clients that want to go self-insured or large employers that want to go self Insured.

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A Seamless Experience

Detego Health is a modern third-party administrator (TPA) specializing in small business health insurance benefits administration and management. Our technology platform offers employers and employees a user-friendly and seamless experience.

We have constructed an ecosystem and incentive structure designed to root out waste and optimize the ongoing costs to the small business and their employees supported on the health coverage platform. Detego Health controls the expenses that drive up healthcare premiums to employers.


Why Detego Health?

An Employer & Employee-Centric Experience

Detego Health and our partners are good at what we do, but don’t take our word for it…

“I've never had such a well-orchestrated care delivery as I've had through Detego Health. It's so nice to have a healthcare insider navigating this maze for me and my family.”
Ken Drake
Standard Hardware
“We were shopping for a TPA that could meet and exceed our needs as an employer. We found Detego Health a welcome respite from the myriad of providers out there who just want to add lives to their portfolio.”
Bob Meyers
CEO, Itedium
“Detego Health transformed our healthcare benefits spend. Amazing.”
Jordon Street
Core Insurance

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